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We love meeting and working with people who are passionate about what they do and masters of their craft.....that's why we decided to start our 'MEET THE...' stories. 

We could not think of a better place to start than with our good friend and master barber Tom Scott. Tom has been barbering for over 15 years and now owns several salons along with his day to day workplace, Westgate Barbers. We sat down with Tom to ask a few questions about himself and barbering.

How long have you been barbering?

I've been cutting hair since I left school really so over 15 years.

What made you decide to become a barber/hairdresser?

I was always interested in barbering from a young age. I used to watch other barbers work and I knew it was something I was passionate about and wanted to follow.

What would you say is your key to success?

I would say a strong work ethic, you have to be willing to put the hours in when it counts and make sacrifices especially when your young and learning your trade. Mastering anything takes so time but if you're willing to learn and put those hours in it makes things much easier.

What’s the number one thing to become a great barber?

Two things stand out to me, number one would be attention to detail. Making sure every hair cut is as good as you can make it, all the little details that really separate a great haircut from a good one require giving your full attention every time. The second would be understanding your individual clients needs, weather that is advising on a style for them or understanding the look they want and working that with the type of hair they have. 

Favourite haircut?

Sharp crew cut, 100% my favourite haircut.

Least favourite haircut?

The fusey (wedge) not a fan at all.

Biggest inspiration?

I wouldn't say I had one to be honest, I take inspiration in barbering from all over and on a personal level my family and friends.

Favourite place in the world?

Port Pollenca 

Wildest day you’ve had at the shop?

To many to nail one down, usually the 16 hour shifts around Christmas are pretty wild!

Favourite Thomas Michael Product?

Textured Clay! We love it at the shop and so do our clients. Its smooth and pliable and works great in almost any hair with any style. Plus the scent is unreal!

The branding and look of the product almost sells itself. I think clients like the fact they are not only getting an amazing styling product but the packaging and brand really means they are taking a top quality product home.

Style icon?

David Gandy. Classic and timeless style.


Look out for more of our MEET THE.. posts coming soon.  


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