What do we mean? It’s more than just a strap line……
STRIVE FOR ORIGINAL, three words we put together when we created the Thomas Michaels brand. To just look at these three words may appear to be just another slogan so we wanted to give you a little more background to it and what we feel it represents.
It’s hard sometimes to keep up with a pretty dramatically changing world and social media has made this even more complicated. Every man, woman and there dog now post, blog and take pictures of everything they do. It can be very easy to be sucked into viewing people, their lives and the way they look completely unrealistically. It’s seems everyone on Instagram has 8 packs and lives on a beach (which to be fair if you are them guys then good for you!) but it’s just not reality. In real life sometimes your up, sometimes your down and it’s okay to feel that way.
The struggle is real for everyone, even if it’s not the same struggle.
You don’t have to and definitely shouldn’t strive to be someone else or have to look a certain way. The people we might idolise or look up to are usual popular and iconic because they are original. It’s a great thing to have goals and to better yourself but what makes you original is being yourself, embracing you and being confident in who that is. Now we’re not knocking people who are ripped and in shape or rich or travel round the world because that’s a amazing lifestyle, what we are saying and what ‘strive for original’ encompasses is being you, you are different so embrace it. We created Thomas Michaels to help you embrace your originality no matter what look you are going for, no matter how old you are, no matter what race or religion. We want to help you feel confident and be the best you. 
We formulated all our products ourselves and manufacture them on site. We didn’t go to a big manufacturer and take something they already had, put it in a jar and stick our label on it. We wanted to encompass our beliefs and create products that are original. This includes our signature essential oil scent made using natural oils that not only smell amazing but also helps with hair and skin health.
As we are at the start of a new year maybe set some new targets, whether that’s mental or physical. Get in shape, lose some weight, gain some weight, be more positive, get that dream job, make more time for family, be kinder, give more compliments, be more humble.
Don’t fear failure, fear not trying.
With this in mind we decided to get in touch with an unbelievable charity that are local to us and have done incredible things for men’s mental health. Andy’s Man Club is helping Men know its okay to not be okay, its okay to talk. They have meetings all around the country for men who want to get anything off there chest or even just have a chat with someone and get some advice. We have created a code to use online ANDYSMANCLUB which will give you 15% off, we will be running this discount for 2 months and the money you will be saving will go straight to the charity.
Andrew Greenway, Project Development at Andy’s Man Club added:
We currently have 17 groups across the UK, allowing any man over 18 to come along and talk in a non judgemental, peer to peer environment. All of or groups are run by volunteers and have no cost, all of the sessions rely on donations to run so for Thomas Michaels to offer help out in this way is great. Also with them offering products to men its a great opportunity for us to spread awareness and reach out to as many men as possible to let them know there is somewhere out there and that #ITSOKAYTOTALK.

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