Thomas Michaels Grooming Routine

'Time isn’t something you can waste and keeping yourself looking and feeling good is more important now than it ever has been. Feeling good and having self confidence is an amazing thing to have and we believe Grooming is a big part in that.

We think the trick isn't to spend a fortune on a thousand different products, or to lock yourself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Instead, develop a daily routine that is quick, simple and – above all else – about feeling and smelling on point.

With this in mind we are presenting: 4 products that will keep your routine easy and simple but give you everything you need to feel fresh, revitalized and ready for the day ahead.'

1) Body Bar

Use as an everyday soap in the shower or bath. Can be used on the face and body to leave skin hydrated.

Each bar is hand crafted with naturally rich organic plant oils and enriched with the unrestrained aroma of cedar, patchouli and tobacco that will balance the skin, while stimulating the senses. Mixed with natural botanticals to give a light exfoliation.

2) Shampoo

Apply the shampoo to wet hair using warm water to create a lather. Work through hair from roots to tips to fully cleanse the hair. Can be used as a body wash for those areas you want to give extra care.

Luxury Shampoo blended with essential oils to leave the hair & scalp revitilised. Contains no SLS or parabens this shampoo is prefect for everyday use in all hair types. With Cedarleaf and Tobacco essential oils to bring hair back to life.

3) Coal & Clay Face Scrub

We recommend you use Coal & Clay twice a week to keep skin feeling and looking fresh. Work a small amount with warm water in your hands to form a paste, apply to face in circular motions then rinse.

Made using natural oils & botanicals such as Activated Charcoal & Rhassoul Clay our face scrub gentley cleans and cleanses the skin. 

4) Beard & Face Moisturiser

As featured in GQ magazine this has been formulated as an everyday moisturiser but is perfect aftershave balm and beard conditioner. Replace greasy and heavy beard oils with this to keep your beard looking stronger than ever.

An organic and natural moisturiser scented with 100% essential oils. Containing a blend of 6 base oils that hydrate and soothe skin combined with luxurious natural ingredients that nourish a man's skin.

We really do feel it is as simple as 123....4 to help your grooming routine better and easier than ever. 

1) Cleans & Exfoliates body

2) Cleans and revitalises hair

3) Exfoliates and soothes face 

4) Repairs and moisturisers skin and beard


To celebrate our routine as well as Movember we have put all these products into a grooming bundle which is available online now! This includes all 4 products as well as a travel bag for the pretty price of £50! That is over £75 worth of products and a bag to keep everything together wherever you go.  We have some extra tips below that will keep you on top of your game week after week...

1 | Become a regular at your barbers

2 | Manage your facial fuzz

3 | ...Or learn how to shave like an expert

4 | Worry less about what people think

5 | Wear sunscreen

6 |  Strive for Original 



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